What Our Clients Are Saying

Julie Hatfield and Robin Rabenschlag
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The midwives support families on their birth journey and help them have the birth they envision. Here is what some of our parents have to say…

I was referred by a Doula to them because I wanted a low intervention birth and I didn’t find what I was looking for in hospital services. It was the best decision I had made, because Robin & Julie are very professional, with a lot of experience, friendly and supported me in every stage of the labor. It was a wonderful experience, exceeding my expectations. The center is nice, and the birth suites are very cozy, the perfect environment to feel comfortable during labor. I am first time mom, so I had a lot of uncertainty about my newborn baby and they supported me in every moment. I always will remember the love with which Julie carried the baby when crying during the follow up appointments and all the good tips she provided me in this phase. Great place to have an unforgettable experience.

Adriana M. – 2021

Best experience with these wonderful Midwives. They were such a blessing to us throughout our journey. From the beginning of our pregnancy until the day of delivery, the amount of emotional and medical support we received was beyond amazing. Best decision we made in choosing Westover hills birth center to assist us in delivering our blessing.

Jessica Reyes – 2021

Transferring care to Robin and Julie at WHBC was the best decision I could have made for me and my little one. If you do not want to be see a different doctor at every appointment, wait forever for your appointments only to have your doctor spend 10-15 minutes with you, or have your options and the information provided to you limited, then you should seriously consider WHBC. I had such an amazing experience, despite having a scary rollercoaster last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. Robin truly cares about her patients (as does Julie) and you feel like you’re joining a family instead of being just another patient. My husband was a bit worried because of some of the waivers we signed but if you read the ones you have to sign at the hospital (most people don’t) they are worse! The waivers are required, if you do research you’ll see most of the stuff is super uncommon and if you still have doubts, Robin is extremely knowledgeable and patient and is great at explaining everything. I cannot say enough good things about WHBC and can’t think of a single bad thing to say. I have zero complaints and if you knew me you would know that is a miracle.

Also, a perk of having your baby at the birth center, you and baby both have your appointments together after birth. Sounds silly but when you are not getting any sleep and have a baby attached to you around the clock, being able to be seen by the same person and the same place and time is so amazing. I recently had a friend that went to her follow up appointment after having a C-section and was turned away because she had her baby with her and the office was not allowing guests. Crazy and you will have none of that at WHBC. Robin and Julie will gladly hold and converse with your new tiny human while you are there. It’s more like a homecoming for the baby rather than a medical appointment (though they do a thorough job on all the medical stuff as well).

Lastly, if you think you’re pregnancy is in better hands with a doctor because of X reason: my January baby was a breech VBAC. She was born with her cord wrapped around her neck 3 times (Robin’s quick reaction unwrapping was beyond impressive). I have uterus didelphys which not many providers have any experience with. Robin handled it all like the amazing midwife she is and I know 100% I could not have been in better hands anywhere else.

Vega’s Rules – 2021

Robin and Julie are awesome!!! I will never forget how comforting and supportive they were throughout my pregnancy. After I had my son, they helped me so much, as a first time mom I had no idea what to expect… and they always seemed to know what to say and when to say it! Robin and Julie always answered and explained all our questions without hesitating. we are truly so thankful for being able to experience this with these ladies! I highly recommend them!!!!

Carolina Hare – 2019

If your looking for a successful VBAC – Robin definitely helps increase those chances! She is super knowledgeable, caring, informative and just an overall OG midwife! She keeps it REAL. Loved her!!!! If you’re thinking twice about it – Don’t – this is your sign to make Thee appointment. Julie is the other midwife, she was very attentive and moved fast and swiftly at my birth – she was also super awesome and funny!! Steffi is the receptionist – super friendly and very welcoming!! Overall this was a very professional Team!! Will definitely want to have more babies here because of them, they made my experience one I will cherish foreverrrr<3

Claudia Aguirre – 2021

We just had our baby there last week and I must say that they went over and beyond my expectations. We switched few months ago and was the best decision for us. Robin and Julie are experienced, kind, understanding and very professional. The birth center is so beautiful and clean.
It was a wonderful experience for me and my husband.

Amaziah & LidYah El’Natan – 2021

I delivered my 3rd baby here a week and a half ago. By far this was my best birthing experience (other 2 were at a hospital). I wanted to experience an unmedicated water birth in a place that would make me feel welcomed and cared for. I was lucky enough to find this place so close to home. Robin and Julie are very knowledgeable and I never felt rushed during appointments. You can tell they love what they do. I didnt feel like “just another number” like I did when I gave birth a the hospital. There was a point during the delivery when I felt like I couldn’t push anymore but Robin, Julie and Jennifer (the photographer) were so encouraging I was able to gather enough strength to do it! We welcomed my son and my husband was able to “catch” him. It was truly an amazing experience, my only regret is that I didn’t do this with the other two kids! You’ll be in great hands if you choose these lovely ladies as your providers. The birth suites are beautiful and relaxing as well.

Sandra Rios – 2021

Got my VBA2C here and hands down to Robin and Julie, they are my angels who supported me all through my pregnancy and birth.

Joy Torres – 2021

We are so incredibly thankful to have found Robin and Julie at Westover Hills Birth Center. They provided top notch care during our pregnancy, labor and post partum. I can’t recommend this place enough for those seeking a natural, personalized and positive birth experience. We love our midwives!

Alejandra Valerio-Rodríguez – 2020

These ladies are amazing!!! My only regret in meeting them is that I met them for my baby #4 and not baby #1. They really love and care, and they’re knowledgeable and have the perfect balance of being medically minded and natural mom friendly. Robin brings so much experience and wisdom, and yet still treated me like her only patient. I cannot say enough about how awesome my experience was and how grateful I am to have found these ladies!

Kim Wuenschel – 2020

Every woman wanting to experience natural unrestricted delivery, professional caring staff and amazing medical care. This is the birthing center to visit.

Shanelle Davis – 2019