What is a Midwife

Robin listening to baby with fetoscope

Midwives are trained professionals who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. Care from a midwife is more hands-on and cares for the client as a whole person. The midwife acknowledge that many factors go in to the well-being of the client and pregnancy. Midwives promote health and wellness with natural methods such as diet, exercise, mindfulness, emotional support structure, stress reduction, and self-care. 

Midwives support the growing family to make decisions that are best for them. They provide education and information to help parents make informed decisions about their care. Recommendations are individualized and customized for each person’s needs. Care provided is evidence based with a goal of helping the birthing family birth safely, with confidence, and unhindered. 

Midwives build a trusting relationship with the families they serve. The midwife helps to build a supportive birth team that honors that each birth is a unique, life-changing experience. They recognize birth is a natural body function that does not warrant routine intervention to function normally. Midwives are skilled in recognizing and addressing variations from normal birth process and refer for advanced level of care, when needed.

Midwives care for newborns and help their parents transition into their new roles. Newborn care is guided by parent choices and helps to establish and support the parent-child bond. They encourage immediate skin-to-skin and bonding and provide support to help families achieve their feeding goals. 

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