The Knox Family

These midwives are amazing! I am a fellow health care provider and I would say that I am pretty particular with the providers I select. I also say that I do not take any of my health care decisions lightly. I came to meet Robin 28 weeks pregnant with my first child looking for how maternity care should be. I was disappointed with my MD provider who came with a delivery hospital with a high c section rate, which I wanted desperately to avoid. I was really, Really wanting a natural medicine free birth. I did all the research and decided to switch to my midwife Robin. I was very happy with my choice. HANDS down she made me feel more comfortable than any OBGYN relationship I have ever had, not to mention I felt much safer as a whole. My first Half of my pregnancy with the OBGYN I felt just like another number as dozens of patients were being shuffled through the practice at the same time. What a difference midwifery care made! She made me feel like I was a real person who cared about me and my family. With Robin’s help we navigated the last part of my pregnancy which included some preterm labor. My first birth (a water birth) to our baby boy was incredible to say the least, I was on a high for days. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. It was a natural choice when we found out that we were pregnant with our second to have Robin as our midwife. This adventure go round I also got to meet Julie Hatfield, her friend and co-midwife helping her with births. I was impressed with Julie’s prior experience as a NICU nurse and, dare I say, felt even MORE comfortable with this birth than my first being that I had two gentle sets of very experienced hands ready to catch our baby girl. I had an uneventful pregnancy, thankfully and had my second birth with these two lovely ladies. I was impressed with how they both handled my delivery and postpartum care, both extremely attentive yet understanding of the space the laboring woman needs. Julie checked over our earth side baby girl with love and care, deftly moving as only one with experienced hands can, reassuring us that she was as perfect as she could be. My second birth felt like bringing my baby into the hands of a big loving family. I highly recommend these midwives. I can say with honesty that if God allows me another child it will be with these women, and I even if I had twins or breech I would feel extremely confident that I would be in the best of hands. With love – The Knox Family