Ashley G.

I loved having midwives for two of my 4 pregnancies. The time spent at each appointment is fantastic. We are known as a whole person, and not just vitals and measurements. Robin was my primary midwife with my third child after she and Julie assisted (and she also became primary during delivery) with my second. My second child was 10 days late and huge! My midwives believed in means we got it done! My third child, and second with Robin, was breech the entire pregnancy. In OB care this would have meant a scheduled c section. I had complete faith in Robin to deliver her safely. However, she flipped during labor to all our surprise. It’s amazing how calm midwives are and how well everything is explained. I always recommend midwives to women seeking more natural births, and also as an option to other women who may not even know its an option. The midwife model of care is far superior to the medical model.