Abigail M.

I love that we are family and not just a payment. I love how you sit with me and talk to me about my life and your life. I love that we can be honest with each other and not feel ashamed. I love that there is a tenderness to the care you give as a human and not this person who is trained and therefore knows what’s best, because you have a degree.

I love that when you were my midwife you made what seemed to be impossible, POSSIBLE!

Because of the care you provided to me and my family getting pregnant is not scary anymore. Birth trauma is real! And I never knew I had it, until I realized the birth I wanted was taken from me. You made me feel like I was not broken.

I love how personal our visits were, because it was just myself, my husband,my kids my dog, and my couch, or bed! Every single visit…..

Best life changing experience I have had so far. Thank you Robin.