Amy’s Birth… A first time mom

Everything after that point is an absolute blur. I kept telling myself to exist only in the present moment because the thought of doing this for any prolonged amount of time was simply unbearable. I remember asking Joe and Jen if our son would be born “today” – after almost 48 hours I needed some reassurance that I wouldn’t have to do this for another full day. It was probably 2 or 3 in the morning. They both assured me that yes, one way or another we would not do this for another 24 hours.

Marcie’s Breech Birth

I was encouraged to reach down and touch him “Is that his butt?!” Back to pushing. His butt came out, along with his legs, I felt them flop out. At that point I knew we were in the home stretch. So I kept going. His arms slipped out, and all was left was his head. “It burns!” Robin told me to keep going so I geared up and squeezed Jamie’s arms even harder. He was sobbing and cheering me on. Then – instant relief.