Receptionist Stephanie

Stephanie's Journey to a Better Birth

Receptionist Stephanie

The perfect way to start off is by saying, our Midwife Robin is my very own Mama! I am a mother of 4 beautiful children who get to call her Oma, and 2 of them got the honor of being welcomed into this world into her arms!

I became a mother at the young age of 19. Young, and naïve and trusting the doctor with a degree, I ended up in an unnecessary induction not once, but twice. I attempted labor naturally, but as contractions became more intense due to the Pitocin, ultimately, I ended up with an epidural for both. I swore to my mother after my 2nd was born, that if I ever had another, I’d be calling her. And that is precisely what I did.

Pregnant with my 3rd, just a day after finding out I was pregnant, my sister learned she was also expecting! We were due just 5 days apart! Maybe it’s a biased opinion since she’s my mother, but the care of a midwife in comparison to a doctor’s office, let me say, there IS NO COMPARISON. Prenatal visits lasted at minimum, an hour long. Care was personalized and I didn’t have to wait an hour to see a doctor for only 5 minutes! My older children were able to get involved and listen and feel for the baby. In preparing for the arrival of my 3rd, we were initially preparing for a home birth. Low and behold, my sister and I started showing signs of labor on the very same day! So, we opted for a “Plan B” and went to a birthing center. I was in one suite, she in the other. My mom going back and forth between the 2! There were moments of intensity where I doubted I could do it. But I was in control, something I wasn’t in a hospital. I was not strapped down with machines and monitors and was allowed to move, into whatever position I wanted, in a tub through most of my labor, again something not common in a hospital. I was allowed to eat and drink while in labor, something that was definitely not allowed in a hospital. And when it came time to push, I had a room full of family and even my sister huffing through contractions, in there to cheer me on. I did it. That Super Woman feeling you get afterward is unbelievable.  I DID IT!

When my 3rd was just 7 months old, I found out I was pregnant again! And crazy enough, AGAIN with another sister at the same time! Luckily, this time we were due further apart so I got to plan and have my home birth. I by no means, have a favorite child, but do I have a favorite Birth? Absolutely! My home birth! I was able to get up through contractions, get my other kiddos ready for school and wait for my midwife (my mom) to come to me! When she got there, she went into “Oma” mode first and helped the kids finish getting ready while I had some stronger contractions. What I loved is that I didn’t have to pack a bag or get dressed other than what I was already in. I was comfortable, able to eat breakfast through contractions. Once the time was right, we had the pool set up right in my kitchen. This time around, not as many people around, but perfect for the setting of our home. Peaceful and quiet, just me, daddy, my sister, who had been in labor with me the last time was there coaching me this time, and my mom and Julie. The water while pushing helped relax me enough to get through it. I knew when my body was ready to push. And the encouragement of my mom telling me, “Do what your body is telling you to do” was all I needed to hear. Once he was out, the instant feeling of, I did it, brought tears of joy for us all. And being able to settle in with baby straight into my very own bed was the best. I didn’t have to worry about a drive home. I had such a sense of accomplishment that day, sitting on my bed holding my new baby, and hugging my mom at the same time. I FINALLY, after 4 tries, had my dream HOME WATER BIRTH. And it was beautiful.

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