Sonograms & Labs

The midwives review your health history at your first prenatal visit to help determine which labs are recommended for your pregnancy. If you are transferring into the birth center for care later in pregnancy, we can request records from your previous provider so we do not duplicate any labs that have already been done. We offer genetic screening tests where you can choose to find out gender as early as 10 weeks. The providers also collect all routine labs at the birth center so there is no wait or need for additional appointments at a lab. 

Sonograms or ultrasounds are usually only done in the second trimester. When done at this time, the technician can usually determine gender, if desired. Early sonograms can be requested in the first trimester of pregnancy to establish an accurate due date and are sometimes done when a pregnancy goes past 41 weeks. The midwives refer to an imaging center with many locations to make obtaining an appointment easier.