Midwifery Care

Midwives are trained professionals and experts in natural birth. Midwifery care is centered around and individualized for each woman. Instead of treating a problem, the midwife focuses on prevention. During each hour-long prenatal visit, the client and midwife review diet, exercise, supplements, sleep habits, sources of stress, discomforts, and concerns. The birth center midwives merge medical and holistic, natural remedies. Every recommendation is customized to the client and her individual needs. The midwives get to know you as a person and discuss your desires and fears for your birth. 

Initial appointments are usually scheduled between 10 and 12 weeks. (This is when baby’s heartbeat can usually be heard with a doppler). Appointments with the midwives are scheduled every 4 weeks in early pregnancy. Starting at 28 weeks, appointments are every 2 weeks and starting at 36 weeks, appointments are weekly. During an appointment the providers check your blood pressure, temperature, weight, feel and measure baby, and listen to baby’s heartbeat. Family and support people are always welcome to prenatal appointments.