Cindy’s VBAC Breech Birth

Ordinarily I do not share super personal things on social media. Today I am sharing in hopes that my birth story finds its way to a young woman or expectant mom who is not being provided all of her options or being supported the way women should be by the medical professionals to whom she is entrusting her future and that of her future family. 

My first baby was born by cesarean in 2015 due to her being in breech position. I live in Texas where it is nearly impossible to find a doctor willing to deliver a breech baby. On top of that I was shooting for a successful VBAC. Through the Coalition for Breech Birth on Facebook, I connected with midwife Robin. We connected, I explained to her about my uterus didelphys, prior c-section, and likelihood of having a breech baby. She wasn’t scared off. She was actually optimistic and told me she quite enjoyed breech deliveries. She was in the process of opening up her own birth center, so we kept in touch. 

A couple of years and two painful losses later (Robin supported me through both), we finally had a pregnancy that stuck…during a pandemic, nonetheless. 2020 was a crazy year because of COVID but it also allowed our little family the reprieve needed to add another member. I traveled 120 miles to the birth center for care for the opportunity to have a vaginal birth.

Labor was long (~20 hours) but the pushing was not too long. I did not feel a ring fire nor did I ever reach the “I can’t do this/I feel like I’m going to die” phase. My little girl made her entrance one butt cheek at a time with a foot coming out in between. Her cord was wrapped around her neck three times but she was stable. As most breech babes, she came out a bit in shock and needed a little help to start her breathing but she was pink and breathing on her own quickly.

There are so many scary things published on breech births but I chose to follow the positive stories and the information on the breech without borders website. I am writing this at 11 days post partum and my recovery is so much better than a C-section recovery, my little one has already surpassed her birth weight (not without a few challenges), and has no complications from coming out bum first.

I am so thankful that Robin and I found each other on a group for breech births. She is a rockstar midwife and I could not believe my luck that she was just down the street in San Antonio and in the process of opening up her own birth center.

I hope my story encourages someone to not be scared away from delivering a breech baby vaginally. C-sections are major surgery and breech is just a variation of normal. Get second opinions, do your own research, and most importantly, find a provider that is experienced in breech births and will support you. Feel free to ask Robin for my information if you have any specific questions. I am happy to share as much of my experience as needed to help an expectant mama stressing out over a breech baby!