Amy’s Birth… A first time mom

Everything after that point is an absolute blur. I kept telling myself to exist only in the present moment because the thought of doing this for any prolonged amount of time was simply unbearable. I remember asking Joe and Jen if our son would be born “today” – after almost 48 hours I needed some reassurance that I wouldn’t have to do this for another full day. It was probably 2 or 3 in the morning. They both assured me that yes, one way or another we would not do this for another 24 hours.

midwife robin

Shanelle’s Water Birth

Shanelle had envisioned giving birth in water from the first time she saw the deep soaking tubs at the birth center. When the time came, the water was soothing and relaxing and helped Shanelle bring her baby girl peacefully into the world. Mia was immideately placed on her mother’s chest for warmth and comfort. Shanelle shares her water birth story.

Marcie’s Breech Birth

I was encouraged to reach down and touch him “Is that his butt?!” Back to pushing. His butt came out, along with his legs, I felt them flop out. At that point I knew we were in the home stretch. So I kept going. His arms slipped out, and all was left was his head. “It burns!” Robin told me to keep going so I geared up and squeezed Jamie’s arms even harder. He was sobbing and cheering me on. Then – instant relief.

Tori’s Healing VBAC

My daughters are 5 years apart. I didn’t intend to have more than one child because of the amount of trauma I went through giving birth to my first daughter. My C-section was not intended nor were all the interventions, (Pitocin, epidural, c-section) given to me. I didn’t know any better and I honestly thought the hospital nurses and doctors had me and my baby in their best interest. They didn’t give me any advice on how I could progress my labor naturally. They pushed the interventions…