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all about morning sickness

Around week six of pregnancy, ⅔ of women begin to experience pregnancy sickness, more commonly known as morning sickness. These tips will help you feel better.

Signs of early pregnancy

Every pregnancy may have all new symptoms … or none at all. If you think you are pregnant, here are 10 early signs you might be expecting. Edit Snippet

water birth, vba2c, vbac

For the past nine months Raul and I have been preparing for a HBA2C (home birth after 2 c-sections). We read all the books (Ina May was my favorite), watched all the documentaries and took a Bradley class to educate ourselves on the process. We were well versed in the “mechanics” of labor, but there was a mental/emotional component that I struggled with from day one.

Midwives are trained professionals for mothers and infants with an expertise in supporting women to maintain healthy pregnancies and optimal birth outcomes and recoveries.

Insurance open enrollment season is upon us. Looking at all of your […]

Witness the “birth” of Westover Hills Birth Center in San Antonio, Texas. […]

Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. It has everything your […]

Tranquil Seasons

Join us for a comprehensive Childbirth Education Class being offered September 22nd […]