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We provide all you need to comfortably bring your baby into the world. The birth center midwives provide all of your prenatal care appointments, help you during labor and birth, and  continue care for six weeks for you and baby. When you come to the birth center in labor, the deep soaking tubs help you relax. You can also choose to labor on one of the birthing stools, in a yoga sling,  or on one of our exercise balls. Each birth suite has color changing lights, smart tvs, smart speakers, and oil diffusers to create a calm birth environment

Having a baby is a special and exciting time for everyone! Every pregnancy and birth is unique. The birth center midwives specialize in personalized and individualized midwifery care. We want you to be informed of all of your birthing choices. Above all, the midwives want you to feel respected and supported during pregnancy and birth, and to have the best experience possible.

Our providers are state-licensed and NARM certified midwivesWestover Hills Birth Center is located conveniently in northwest San Antonio. The birth center provides many labor and birthing options in a home-like atmosphere. 

Finn Breech Birth

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We offer:

  • Pregnancy / prenatal care by skilled midwives
  • 45-60 minute prenatal, postpartum, and well-baby visits
  • 24-hour emergency access to your midwife
  • Telehealth visits by request or need
  • On-site lab collection
  • Childbirth education class in house and by referral
  • Recommendations for doulas
  • Vaginal Birth After 1 or 2 Cesareans (VBAC), twins, and breech 
  • All standard newborn screens, including hearing screen

During labor we:

  • Encourage position changes and activity for efficient labor and birth
  • Monitor baby every 15-30 minutes
  • Want you to move freely
  • Offer labor sling, birth stool, birth ball, peanut ball, rebozo, soaking tub, and nitrous oxide for comfort
  • Provide private, spacious, home-like suite for you and your birth team
  • Encourage you to eat, drink, move, and rest
Westover Hills Birth Center Waiting Room

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To the midwives, you aren’t a patient. You’re the decision maker in your birth journey.
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Meet Our Midwives

Our midwives are passionate about providing excellent, family-centered care. Get to know your birth team.

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About Us

The Midwives

The mission of Westover Hills Birth Center is to provide women with ethical, competent, family-centered midwifery care during the childbearing year. The midwifery model of care is based on informed choice and decisions, guided by formal and continuous education, scientific research, and application of evidence-based practice.


Robin began her training in Germany and completed her training her with the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program. She has multiple degrees in sciences and completed nursing school. Robin has  also worked as an educator of Anatomy and Physiology as well as a preceptor for ATM Midwifery Training Program. Read her story here…


Julie became a midwife by completing an apprenticeship and certification set by North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). She has also worked as a NICU nurse and saw how many of the interventions done in labor lead to infants being born in distress. Her 4th pregnancy led her down a more natural path. Read her story here…